Critical/Cultural Paradigm

After spending much time in the mind, people realized that there was an entire world outside of an individual that influenced writing! During the time of Open Admissions, when colleges allowed everyone and anyone to attend college, not just the elite, teachers had to accommodate for the diverse influx of entering college students.

Click on the image below to view the FULL infograph.CULTURAL PARADIGM.png

– Naming What We Know: “Concept 3: Writing Enacts and Creates Identities and Ideologies
– Ann George’s “Critical Pedagogy: Dreaming of Democracy”
– Maxine Hairston’s “Diversity, Ideology, and Teaching Writing”
– Bruce McComiskey’s “Postmodern Cultural studies and the Politics of Writing Instruction”

If you’re interested in incorporating the Critical/Cultural Paradigm in your classroom, below are some helpful resources to get you started:
– Culture in the Classroom (Teaching Tolerance)
– Ideology Lesson Plans (Texas U)
– Literary Theories and Criticisms (Purdue OWL)


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